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Your editor wishes all of you wisdom and strength during the COVID-19 pandemic. Let's stay focused, committed and above all "loving." Only if we do deeply care for others. meaning all living creatures, we will grow and move forward. 

In previous issues of Theosophy Forward we’ve honored Theosophists such as Dr. Richard Brooks, Ianthe Hoskins, Einar Adalsteinsson, Shirley Nicholson, Paul Zwollo, Dora van Gelder-Kunz, John H. Drais, Dara Eklund, Geoffrey Farthing, Sylvia Cranston, Danielle Audoin, Victor Peñaranda,  Ted. G. Davy and Shri Raghavan Iyer.

When it relates to showing respect to those theosophists who have passed away and are no longer here, but left us with a great number of invaluable articles, books, study courses (and nowadays, also with recorded audio or video talks), it seems to me that some are a bit hesitant to fully give value to their works. Often the pretext is used that honoring as such is “sentimental” or too “personal” and that we have to do away with all that. This, I think, is pseudo impersonality, wherein one has not yet truly risen above the games of the separative ego. Honoring or respecting a fellow student, indeed, has nothing to do with putting this person on a pedestal. It merely demonstrates that the “observer” has recognized a precious life-time’s contribution. We are better people for having honored greatness.

So, the motion is always a two-fold one; looking backward—and at the same time, while living in the present—looking forward. It is vital to do this; working towards a future. By identifying and honoring the treasures others have left us, we enable ourselves to build a stairway to the future. And by looking back we come to understand where we came from, which is essential in order to determine what direction to choose.

Theosophy Forward the e-Magazine will honor, thus show respect and gratitude to James "Jim" Colbert.

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James Colbert - A Tribute 1

James Colbert - A Tribute 2, Glimpses of a Life

including Great Adventure: Biographical Tribute to James Colbert, written by his son Jonathan

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