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Anecdotes about Life – Five


When I was a nanny in college, I babysat for a family with a little boy and a little girl. While the boy was in school one day, I was home with his little sister, Abigail. Abigail was watching me cook in the kitchen; she was on the kitchen floor with her blanket. Abigail was cute as a button and said the funniest things, but this day proved to be a real doozie. Abigail called my name and told me that, “my toilets at my house were bigger than the toilets at her house.” I asked her why would she think that. She said, “Miss Kris, your tushy is bigger than my tushy.” Translation, because my rear end was bigger than hers, the toilets at my house have to be huge.

Lesson: Don't have children watch you cook in the kitchen - LOL!