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Joe Fulton

The compilers of Theosophy Forward have recently noticed that excellent things are happening on the Internet. In this issue they want to highlight a site that has developed remarkably. The Theosophical Network has improved its lay out, accessibility and contents. Joe Fulton, one of the enthusiastic persons, actively involved with this site says:

. . . . We are continuing the research on the Stanzas, by David Reigle, Jacques Mahnich and a cast of others.  David Reigle is steadily producing documents for the Sanskrit Text Archives and Nancy Reigle is conducting Sanksrit classes.  Paul Johnson is contributing regular articles on items of historical interest and an entirely new group of scholars, from Alan Kazlev, considered by many to be the leading authority on Max Theon and Marc Demarest, likewise the authority on Emma Hardinge Britten contribute regularly.  Lastly we are embarking on a major effort, which may be considered by some to be heresy within the movement, but we are engaging in efforts to completely redefine theosophies for the 21st century.  The participants are non-theosophists, in the sense that they do not buy into the Adyar/PL/ULT traditions…however, something quite interesting is happening…the results remain to be seen.

Check out for yourself:

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