Good News from Israel

Good News from Israel

Lord Buddha said: Hatred will never cease by hatred; only love can transform hatred—this is an eternal law.

The Theosophical Society in Israel invites everyone to participate in a convention to be held in Neve Shalom village (near Jerusalem) on May 12-14, 2011. The convention theme is “The Spiritual Quest and Interreligious Brotherhood,” and the convention will accommodate speakers, mentors, and religious scholars from Israel and abroad. The focus will be on connecting people and creating bridges between philosophical and spiritual principles of different religions and traditions.

Preliminary plans for the convention include talks on “Many Shades, One Truth,” “Divine Wisdom and Human Brotherhood,” “Theosophy and the Comparative Study of World Religions,” “The Thirst for God in the Book of Psalms,” “The Way to the Beloved in the Sufi Tradition,” “The Mystical Experience in Christianity,” and “Making the Buds of Compassion Blossom.” Panels will be devoted to religious leaders discovering points of contact between their religions and sowing seeds of Brotherhood in community service.

Other subjects to be addressed include “Can we contain the anger and fear in ourselves and others?” “How can we transform anger to forgiveness?” and “How long shall we let fear separate us?” Other activities will be singing in prayer and praying in songs, circles of interreligious spontaneous prayer, circles of motion and meditation in nature, and other music and singing events.

For details concerning accommodation and tours contact us by email at

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