Anecdote Thor Heyerdahl – Norwegian ethnographer and adventurer (1914—2002)

Thor Heyerdahl gained world recognition in 1947 when he and five companions sailed from Peru to Polynesia in a balsa wood raft called the Kon Tiki. The voyage added credibility to Heyerdahl’s theory that Polynesian culture exhibited pre-Inca influences.

On a visit to London, Heyerdahl had a busy schedule of appointments. Shortly after recording a program for the Independent Television Network, he was due at the BBC studios for an interview. Having been assured by the BBC that a taxi would be sent to pick him up from the ITN studios, Heyerdahl waited expectantly in the lobby. As the minutes ticked by, however, he began to grow anxious. He approached a little man in a flat cap, who looked as if he might be a taxi driver and was obviously searching for someone. “I’m Thor Heyerdahl,” said the anthropologist. “Are you looking for me?”

“No, mate,” replied the taxi driver. “I’ve been sent to pick up four Airedales for the BBC.”
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Now, this anecdote ain’t so easy to grasp. Is there anyone out there who can shed light on this anecdote? If you can, send your explanation to the administrator.

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