What is Theosophy?


Theosophy 2 b Two boys

As Theosophy tightens its grip on the leading minds in Western lands, literature will become more and more tinctured with its spirit, and men’s thoughts will become leavened with it without their own knowledge. After a while we shall not see even in a comic paper such a skit as the following sent us from the Book for All: 

FIRST LITTLE BOY: “My pa’s a Methodist; what’s yours?”

SECOND LITTLE BOY: “Mine’s a Theosophist.”

“Theosophist? What’s that?”

“I don’t know.”

“Why don’t you ask your pa?”

“I did; but from the way he looked I guess he doesn’t know either.” 

From Lucifer, 1891, v. 8, n. 48, p. 480.

With special thanks to ERICA GEORGIADES