Theosophy and the Society in the Public Eye

Aquarelles by Armand Alexey Davidovich


Public Eye Armand 2

The artist

In the previous issue of Theosophy Forward in the category THE SOCIETY, you’ll find a mini-interview with Armand, who is a Russian Theosophist. His interview wasn’t the most detailed or longest we’ve published over the past years, but Armand is certainly an interesting friend of ours and a very talented artist.

At times art-forms speak louder than words, so it is with pleasure that we can present another series five of Armand’s wonderful watercolors. Enjoy …

Public Eye Armand 3

Pussy-willow blossom

Public Eye Armand 4

Lyubutka village


The bird-cherry blossom

Public Eye Armand 6

Fjord Spitsbergen

Public Eye Armand 10

On the banks of the Greenland Sea

To be continued...