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Good News from International Theosophy Conferences – ITC 2020, BRAZIL


In July 2020 all roads lead to Brasilia 

Good News ITC 1 b BR 120 rotate brasilia


International Theosophy Conference 2020


Good News ITC 2 BR 120

 Dates: 23 – 26 July 2020

Venue: Paraíso na Terra – Brasilia, BRAZIL

Good News ITC 3 BR 120

The TEMPLE, one of the many attractions on the center 

ITC 2020 will take place at the Paraíso na Terra center of the Brazilian section of the Theosophical Society-Adyar, located near the Brazilian capital Brasilia.

The center offers vegetarian and organic food plus lodging. There is transport available as from Brasilia’s Juscelino Kubitschek International Airport, to and from the center on the day before and after the ITCgathering.

Good News ITC 4 BR 120

One of the many cascades

ITC 2020 is programmed back to back with a conference of the Brazilian section about Science, with Jacques Mahnich from France as the main speaker. Both conferences can be followed in English and Portuguese. You can consider registering for both conferences.

Good NEWS ITC 5 BR 120

The path to the main meeting hall, the Mandala

About the theme:

Humanity – the Key to Harmony in Nature

“The trinity of nature is the lock of magic, the trinity of man the key that fits it.”
H.P. Blavatsky Isis Unveiled, p635

Most people have become aware of the necessary care for nature, now that ecological disharmony is manifesting itself worldwide. However, nature is not just “a fortuitous concurrence of atoms”. Our outer climate is only a reflection of an inner climate.

  • What is nature really?
  • What is harmony?
  • What is humanity’s responsibility for harmony in nature?
  • What is the role of the mind?
  • And what does it mean for Theosophists?

These are questions that we would like to work on collectively during the conference.

Good News ITC 6 BR 120

Breathtaking sunsets as seen from the Temple

Program outline

The conference will be opened by a keynote speaker and opening talks by the presidents of ITC.

We will focus on the following main questions:

  • Day 1: What is nature from the theosophical perspective?
  • Day 2: What is harmony from the theosophical perspective?
  • Day 3: Why is humanity or mind the key?

Each day will be introduced by a key speaker. In groups of 10-12 people we will work together on these questions during the day. We will end each day sharing a plenary panoramic vision on the subject.

On the fourth day we will end with closing talks, followed by the annual membership meeting of ITC.

A detailed program is in progress and will be made available on the ITC website.

Call for readings

Good News ITC 7 BR 120

Participants are kindly requested to share important excerpts from the theosophical literature regarding the theme of the conference. For further specifics click HERE

IMPORTANT LINKS, click on the name/title

THE BEE – in English

THE BEE – in Spanish

THE BEE – in Portuguese

REGISTRATIONS – in English for Europe, the USA and the rest of the world (Euros and US Dollars)

REGISTRATIONS – for Central- and South America and/or write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

BRASILIA, facts, history and architecture



Your editor thought it would be interesting to note that on invitation of Marcos de Resende from Brazil, who was the National President of the Brazilian Section of the TS-Adyar, Barend Voorham, a long-time member of the TS-Point Loma based in The Hague, the Netherland,in Juli 2016 came to the center near Brasilia to give a series of talks there. Marcos and Barend had first met during ITC 2014 in Naarden, the Netherlands.A striking example of exchange and cross-pollination.

Good News ITC 8 BR 120

July 2016: From the right to the left: Marcos de Resende, Barend Voorham, his wife Alaide and Dr. Rosimayre Carvalho. 

Some addtional photos to underscore the perfect beauty of Paraiso na Terra, ENJOY!

Good News ITC 9 BR 120

The TEMPLE seen from a distance

Good News ITC 10 BR 120

Crossing a small bridge during a refreshing walk one has to go for, when moving from the Mandala to the restaurant

Good News ITC 11 BR 120

Natural beauty everywhere, a fully harmonized environment



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