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Silent Retreat with Tran-Thi-Kim Dieu

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The first Italian edition of the “Silent Retreat”, dedicated to meditation, masterfully conducted by Sister Tran-Thi-Kim Dieu - and excellently translated from English by Daniele Urlotti - took place from 27 to 29 September 2019.

About twenty members - coming from Milan, Vicenza, Turin, Mondovì, Aosta, Reggio Emilia and Feltre - participated in the event.

The program of this experiential retreat was dedicated to meditation sessions, both traditional and in motion, accompanied by moments of in-depth Theosophical study and very participated questions and answers sessions. Silence accompanied all the intermediate moments, including those of meals – which were strictly vegan, with few vegetarian transgressions.

The retreat was held in the extraordinary setting of the “Miri Piri” in Travo, on the Piacenza hills; the premises were built according to the principles of green housing and Feng Shui, in a peaceful and natural environment.