Good News

Good News from Brazil

[Message received from Marcos de Resende]

The 23rd  International Theosophical School at the Theosophical Institute of Brasilia, just outside the Brazilian capital, took place in the last week of July 2017. Invited guest-speaker was Esteban Langlois, General Secretary of Theosophical Society in Argentina. The theme, elaborated through lectures, meditations and group studies was Abstract Teachings for a Concrete Life.

Participants of the 23rd edition of the International Theosophical School

Approximately 120 participants, coming from Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Spain, Australia and Brazil, attended this special event.

The approach of Esteban Langlois was rather interesting, exploring profound teachings from The Secret Doctrine and other well-known Theosophical writings, while linking them with daily living. The developed program, not only contained lectures  but also group meditations and debates and this made the event very dynamic and productive.

Since 1995,  and always in the month of July, the Theosophical Institute of Brasilia organizes the International Theosophical School, inviting lecturers from the international Theosophical scene, with as objective to help developing the Theosophical work in the Americas.