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Good News from Thé

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French speaking countries

Welcome to Thé, the first French-speaking website dedicated to the gathering and publishing of Theosophical documentation in the French language. This project is part of a global plan aiming at delivering Theosophical documentation at large, i.e. books references, articles, conferences, audio and video recordings, and photos.


On a world-wide scale such resources are probably available, widespread or dormant hidden in locked and dusty cupboards. Gathering the public domain publications, and making them available over the Net will provide a useful knowledgebase for anyone interested in Theosophical matters.

This website offers its visitors room for moderated blogs and forums to share theosophically-related subjects, and a Facebook group is available for real-time postings announcements. 

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The site wants to serve Theosophy in the broadest sense; it has no exclusive link with any of the Theosophical vehicles.