Good News

Good News from the International President, TS Adyar

Tim Boyd

A look at the president’s itinerary for this coming period:
31 July to 7 August, Birmingham
Summer School of the TS in England on The Relevance of Theosophy: Spirituality in Daily Living, with the International President.
2 August, Birmingham. The Blavatsky Lecture.
4 August, Birmingham city. Public Lecture
7 to 8 August, Kreivilä
Theosophical co-operation weekend. Lecture and group study by the International President on The Imprint of Theosophy.

9 August, Helsinki.
Public lecture on The Solution to All Problems
12 August, Helsinki.
Members meeting at the Headquarters
11 August, Tallinn. Public lecture on Forgotten Truths.
23 August, ITC Naarden
Another “Dutch Day” with the International President