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Good News from the European School of Theosophy

The Aim of the European School is to provide opportunities in Europe to study the original teachings of modern Theosophy in order to ensure the continuing preservation and dissemination of the esoteric philosophy as recorded in the writings of H.P. Blavatsky and related source literature.

European School of Theosophy
18th - 23rd October - 2015
Birmingham UK


David Nieuwejaers
Pablo Sender
Michele Shields
Joseph MacDermott
Elizabeth Crofts



The concept of “sacrifice” seems to be grafted in the very fabric of world religions and spiritual philosophies. The manifestation of the universe itself is frequently seen as a supreme act of sacrifice made by the Logos, who limits itself in order to give birth to innumerable centres of consciousness.
The European School of Theosophy this year will explore the subject in all its different facets - metaphysical, mythological, spiritual, and ethical, in the light of the Theosophical teachings as well as some of the major world religions.
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