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Good News from Munich

Last March, “Theosophy World News”, an independent, international, non-commercial Theosophical newsletter was launched. It provides an overview of all international content covering the subject of Theosophy that appears on line worldwide. Among the topics in the newsletter are: magazines, videos, events, news, articles on Theosophical and non-Theosophical websites and reviews of books.


At the time of the launch, Steven Otto the initiator of the new project and an independent Theosophist wrote: “Theosophy gives me very much; therefore I want to give something back in return.”

Theosophists supporting this project are invited to sign up for the newsletter. So if you think “Theosophy World News” is not only good news, but also a good idea, follow the link below and tell other Theosophists about it. The service is absolutely free.

Sign up here:

Theosophy World News” 1st Quarter 2014: