Editorial – How Do You Do Theosophy?

Jan Nicolaas Kind – Brazil

The Society 2 Editorial
How ….?

It is often overlooked that Theosophy is a system of thought especially designed to make us aware that the only valid reason we’re here on this blue marble called Earth, is to serve and help others. In this material jungle of ours it is all about winning, our countries first, us against them, causing an acceleration of divisive thinking. In this context, I not seldom hear that many in our circles are preoccupied about the raison d'être of the TS or Theosophy even. They claim that the TS, 120-130 years ago, had something special or ‘new’ to share with the world but now that is all different. There are so many ‘spiritual’ organizations active who have continued the spreading of that what made the TS so unique many decades ago. This stance is quite incorrect and it demonstrates that many might not have fully understood what Theosophy and their vehicles stand for in this day and age.

The state of affairs in the world around us is murky and while we are supposed to live in the shelter of each other, the obvious communion with others is hopelessly disturbed, under threat and overshadowed by ignorance and greed. Educational systems that were developed over the last 50 to 80 years are solely focused on modifying young world citizens into vicious competitors aiming for the ‘ultimate’ objectives in life: money, more money, status, and the latest smart-phone. The world, rapidly turning into a global village, is filled up with millions who are entangled in the shackles of materialism.

Truth and decency have made room for alternative facts and vulgarity, the existing systems and their tireless collaborators are out there doing their utmost to keep the train to nowhere running at high speed. Theosophists ‘in doubt’ ought to realize though, that if ever there was a moment for a Theosophical movement, or, if you wish, Theosophy, it is right now at this very moment.

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Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School

The School needs your help!

For over 120 years, the Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School (OMHSS) has been providing a solid education for underprivileged boys and girls in Adyar, a suburb of Chennai in India. 

The Society b OIcott 2  Memorial
Students in the classroom at the Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School

Colonel Olcott’s pioneering work for educating the poor children from marginalized sections of society is very well known. The concept that through education the underprivileged and disadvantaged can be enabled to stand on their own feet and fight for what is due to them was formulated and given a practical shape by Colonel Olcott much before similar work was started by Mahatma Gandhi and Dr Ambedkar. Several Olcott Panchama Schools were started in and around old Madras. The first one that was started in 1894 by Col. Olcott using his own meagre financial resources continues today and has since been upgraded recently as Olcott Memorial Higher Secondary School. It was started as a free school with 45 students including nine girls. Even today no fees are charged to any of the students who go through a life transforming experience at the school. Theosophists alone rose above caste considerations to be the first lot of volunteer teachers at the school.” (By Chittaranjan Satapathy, Inaugural Address, National Conference on Theosophical Education, 23 & 24 September 2016)

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Mini-Interviews Valéria Marques de Oliveira

The Society MI 2 Valeria

1. What’s your name, where are you from and how long have you been a member of the TS?

My name is Valéria Marques de Oliveira, I am from Brazil and I have been a member of the TS since August 12th, 1994.

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Mini-Interviews Luke Michael Ironside


1. What’s your name, where are you from and how long have you been a member of the TS?

My name is Luke Michael Ironside. I was born on the island of Guernsey, just off the French coast of Normandy, although spent the majority of my childhood and life growing up in New Zealand, at the complete opposite side of the globe. I have no one particular place which I call my home, and rather regard myself as being a global citizen. This year I will be living between the United Kingdom and the Philippines.

I joined the Theosophical Society formally in 2016, although had been studying Theosophy and related subjects independently for six years prior to this. I have had a deep interest in such subjects as comparative religion, philosophy, and esotericism since a very young age and it was these interests which led me to my current involvement in the TS.

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Mini-Interviews Elena Dovalsantos

The Society MI 6 Elena Dovalsantos

1. What’s your name, where are you from and how long have you been a member of the TS?

Elena Dovalsantos. Originally from the Philippines; currently residing in Ojai, California.

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